Court penalises AMP $24 million for charging deceased customers

July 17, 2023 | Robyn Bull

The Federal Court has found that four companies that are or were part of the AMP Group breached the law when charging life insurance premiums and advice fees from the superannuation accounts of more than 2,000 deceased customers.

The Federal Court ordered two of these AMP companies to pay a combined penalty of $24 million for the breaches.

Both AMP Life Limited and AMP Financial Planning admitted that they engaged in unconscionable conduct by deducting and/or failing to properly refund insurance premiums and advice fees respectively from superannuation members after being notified of their deaths.  Both companies also admitted that they accepted insurance premiums and advice fees despite there being reasonable grounds for believing that they would not be able to supply the insurance or advice.

The Court also found all four AMP companies contravened their overarching obligations as Australian financial services licensees to act efficiently, honestly and fairly.