Trades & Construction

In our time as Accountants we haven’t met too many tradies who love the thought of tax, accounting & bookkeeping…

We’ve helped hundreds of Trade & Construction clients develop systems and processes that are efficient, inexpensive, and take as little as an hour a week to have your invoices out, your staff paid and your bookkeeping sorted.

Here’s what we think is important:

  • Having the knowledge and ability to efficiently use your accounting software to make the boring stuff a walk in the park;
  • Implementing simple methods that help you get paid faster;
  • Streamlining and simplifying job scheduling to make sure your service and efficiency doesn’t waiver as your business grows;
  • Simplifying your payroll and contractor payments so you know what’s going on;
  • Showing you how to use the information in your software to make real-time, educated decisions about your business;
  • Ensuring your business structure gives you the asset and tax protection you need;
  • Having the ability to quickly and easily understand your tax-position at any point during a financial year.

See what some of our Trade & Construction clients say about us…

Meet Tim, owner and director of Bayview Brick & Block Pty Ltd:

“LBW has guided me through my subcontracting days, using excel spread sheets to a point where I’m now running a crew of anywhere between 5-8 brickies at a time. Using MYOB, I’m able to do all my bookkeeping myself, keep a close eye on how my business is performing, and it is nowhere near as time consuming or difficult as it sounds…”

Meet Aaron & Amanda, owners of ALD Electrical Pty Ltd:

“We have been with the team at LBW for over 5 years now and have always been impressed with their high quality service and professionalism. The team was wonderful setting up our business structure, getting us online with MYOB, helping things run more efficiently and are always looking to maximize our tax position.

The staff at LBW are reliable and comprehensive and we will continue to use them again and again. We would refer all of our contacts there, as we already do.”