Client/ATO nomination process

The agent nomination process is a new requirement to help ensure only your authorised tax agent, BAS agent or payroll service provider can access your accounts and act on your behalf for your tax and super affairs.

This process only applies when you change an agent or change the authorisations you give your existing agent.

Does this apply to you?

Applies to all types of entities with an ABN excluding sole traders.
This includes entity types such as:

This new requirement does not currently apply to individual taxpayers or sole traders.

Nominate LBW Advisory Pty Ltd as your registered agent in Online services for busines

To do this, you will need to follow the client-to-agent linking steps, which vary depending on whether or not you have already set up access for Online services for business.

If you have already set up access to Online services for business and have an appropriately authorised myGovID:
1. Log into Online services for business
-Use your authorised myGOVID to log in 
2. Nominate your authorised agent
From home page –
-Select Profile, then Agent details;
-At Agent nominations, select Add;
-On the Nominate agent screen, go to Search for agent and search for us using LBW Advisory Pty Ltd
-Complete the Declaration and select Submit;

-Confirm that you can see our details listed under Agent nominations; and
-Notify our office that these steps have been completed as soon as practicable

If you have NOT set up access to Online services for business and do NOT have an appropriately authorised myGovID, before you follow the steps above:

1. Set up your myGOVID
This is the Government’s Digital Idenity App and can be set up at
2. Link your myGOVID to the ABN
You will need to use the Government’s Relationship Authorisation Manager to link your myGOVID to your ABN. This should generally be done online
3. Log into Online services for business and nominate your authorised agent
Follow the instructions in the steps above. 

The steps outlined above must be repeated by each individual or by an authorised person of each entity in your group wishing to nominate LBW Advisory Pty Ltd to act as their authorised agent.

Notify us of each nomination:

Once a nomination has been submitted with the ATO, please notify our office. We then have 28 calendar days to add you and any other individuals and entities in your group as a client or to add additional tax accounts before a nomination expires.  Should we need more time, we will request that the ‘Extend’ feature in Online services for business be used to add another 28 days to a nomination.

Unfortunately, we cannot complete this process on your behalf.  However, we can help you in understanding what you need to do.  For assistance, please contact the office on 5977 6210.

Alternatively, you can contact the ATO on 13 28 66 or visit for more details.